VIDEO: FOX News Gets Teabagged

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VIDEO: FOX News Gets Teabagged

Joe Veix

What happens when a conservative network unknowingly uses an embarrassing double entendre?

As the Tax Day Tea Party protests of last week percolated,
those watching FOX News were treated to a humorous error: while reporting on
the brewing protests, a talking head, wearing a colonial hat and holding up a
bag of tea, demanded that we "teabag the fools in DC." Rachel Maddow elaborates here.

For those who don’t know the meaning or history of the oral
sex double entendre, BoingBoing asked filmmaker John Waters to explain the word he helped bring to prominence with his film Pecker.

Following FOX’s use of the word, MSNBC and CNN then mocked the network relentlessly,
repeating the joke throughout the week.

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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Yesterday, FOX finally figured the joke out, and tried to
make up for the embarrassment by going on the offensive, with a long screed explaining teabagging to those who "don’t live in a frat house," and
demonstrating how, while the other news networks were busy making oral sex
jokes, FOX was out getting their hands dirty, reporting on the serious outrage
over high taxes and "bloated budgets." They decline to mention, of course, that
they were the first news outlet to use the term.

Maybe it’s childish to poke fun at those ignorant of a
relatively obscure expression, but it does seem logical that a conservative
network and legions of slack-jawed conservative crowds, who loudly champion
abstinence-only education, would be ignorant of a sexual double entendre. Their
embarrassment seems earned.