Roundup: North Dakota House Passes Egg-as-Person Measure

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Roundup: North Dakota House Passes Egg-as-Person Measure

Emily Douglas

North Dakota House approves egg-as-person legislation; USA Today examines likely effects of provider conscience expansion; Pelosi to meet with Pope; fight on the right over what reduces abortion.

North Dakota House Approves Egg-as-Person Legislation
The North Dakota House yesterday approved a measure that would give fertilized eggs human rights, the Associated Press reports

The bill declares that "any organism with the genome of homo
sapiens" is a person protected by rights granted by the North Dakota
Constitution and state laws.

The measure’s sponsor, Rep. Dan
Ruby, R-Minot, said the legislation did not automatically ban abortion.
Ruby has introduced bills in previous sessions of the Legislature to
prohibit abortion in North Dakota.


Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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The bill now moves to the North Dakota Senate.

USA Today Examines Likely Effects of Provider Conscience Expansion

USA Today
talks to pharmacists, women’s health advocates, and anti-choice
activists about the new HHS provider conscience expansion.  USA Today
says those who oppose contraception are "on the extreme end of the

Opponents question whether providers rights are more important than
patients’ rights. They paint a picture of women in isolated areas,
forced to go without care, or intimidated by pharmacists who won’t fill
their prescription for emergency contraception. "What people don’t
realize is restrictions are making it inaccessible for a number of
women, and those restrictions are equally as bad as a ban for some
women," said Janet Crepps, deputy director in the U.S. legal program at
the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Pelosi to Meet with Pope; Some Catholics Want Pope to Deny Communion
Speaker Nancy Pelosi will meet with the Pope at the Vatican today.  "Some pro-life Catholics don’t want
that to happen and have started a petition asking that Catholic Church
leaders prevent the pro-abortion lawmaker from receiving the sacrament," reports  Writes the Boston Globe, "Pelosi, of course, is a practicing Catholic and mother of five (and
grandmother of seven), but also is a supporter of abortion rights, and
that combination has infuriated some conservatives who argue that
support for abortion rights should disqualify Catholic politicians from
receiving Communion and from being honored by Catholic universities."

Fight on the Right Over What Reduces Abortion
Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and other anti-choice organizations on the right find themselves in disagreement
over "what reduces abortion."  Catholics in Alliance has argued that
states with higher welfare spending have lower rates of abortion, while
laws restricting access — mandatory delay, or parental involvement
laws — had little effect.  Professor Michael New, of the University of
Alabama and the Witherspoon Institute, countered the claim, writing,


Unfortunately, Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good continues to
miss the boat and mislead the public.  There exist plenty of peer
reviewed studies which find that public funding restrictions and
parental involvement laws reduce the incidence of abortion. However,
instead of acknowledging the positive impact of pro-life legislation
and constructively working with pro-lifers to promote social policies
that will further reduce abortion rates, Catholics in Alliance for the
Common Good seems primarily interested in providing moral, political,
and theological cover for supporters of Barack Obama and other
Democrats who support "abortion rights."

Catholics in Alliance responded,

In his article, "Holding ‘Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good’
Morally Accountable," Michael New mischaracterizes Catholics in
Alliance entirely. The Alliance promotes a consistent ethic of life and
challenges both political parties to help end the tragedy of abortion.
Our primary interest in commissioning the study, Reducing Abortion in America: The Effect of Socioeconomic Factors,
was to explore ways to reduce abortions and find common-ground policies
that support families, not to "provide cover" for any political party
or ideology. In addition, as explicitly stated in the report, the
Alliance endorses a comprehensive approach to reach this goal,
including informed and parental consent laws.

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