Roundup: FDA Considers Approval of Female Condom; Richard Cizik Outspoken on Civil Unions, Abortion

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Roundup: FDA Considers Approval of Female Condom; Richard Cizik Outspoken on Civil Unions, Abortion

Emily Douglas

FDA considers approval of second-generation female condom; midwives critical for maternal care in Afghanistan; is Richard Cizik trying to get fired?; American Life League's Judie Brown compares Wendy Norris to Barack Obama!

FDA Considers Approving Second-Generation Female Condom

On Tuesday, Pamela Merritt encouraged Rewire
to urge the Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Advisory Committee at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve the second-generation female condom, "FC2."  At Women’s eNews, Molly Ginty covers the innovations of the new version of the female condom:

the other version of the female condom–the "FC" approved by the FDA
in 1994–the second-generation "FC2" is made by the Chicago-based
Female Health Company. Just as effective as its predecessor at preventing
unwanted pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, the new
version is made of nitrile, a cheaper material than the older version’s
polyurethane, and is 30 percent less expensive.

Midwives Critical for Maternal Care in Afghanistan

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Bodies, Our Blog has an excellent write-up
of a Chicago
Tribune story
on midwifery in Afghanistan.  Maternal morality is high in that country – a woman
dies giving birth every 26 minutes – and midwives bring desperately-needed
skilled birth attendance to women in rural areas.  Yet deadly threats to midwives remain:

[I]n a country where government employees are attacked constantly by
Taliban-led insurgents, being a midwife is a risky political statement.

In Nuristan province, a midwife was
kidnapped by the Taliban four months ago. In a rural part of Kandahar province, militants shot and killed
a midwife about two months ago, allegedly because she was handing out condoms
and birth control.

The Ghani Khel program is supposed to train students from neighboring Kunar
province, a militant haven, but no students from Kunar are enrolled. A clinic
that opened in the dangerous Pech Valley of Kunar has almost no patients
because it is close to a U.S. base, and Afghans there do not want to associate
– or be seen associating – with Americans. That clinic is being moved.

"People didn’t want to send their women there because it was near the
Americans," said Toorpekay Nawab, 51, the midwife who runs the Ghani Khel
school. "The war affects everything. Of course it hurts our program."


"Is Richard Cizik Trying to Get Fired?"

on Right Wing Watch wonders
, "Is [National Association of Evangelicals president] Richard Cizik trying to get fired?" Kyle mentions an interview Cizik had with NPR’s Terry Gross, in which he expressed support for civil unions for same-sex couples and President-Elect Obama’s plans to work to "reduce abortion." Notes Kyle, "Tony Perkins, for one, isn’t buying it, saying that Cizik ‘left the reservation a long time ago’ and wanting to know why he is still employed by the NAE:

How else can you explain enthusiastic support for what
will probably be the nation’s most pro-abortion, anti-family president
in our nation’s 232 year history?

The question, however, remains. If Cizik does not speak for the NAE,
as the Rev. Anderson has said, why is he on Capitol Hill representing
NAE and claiming to speak for Evangelicals? Is it possible for a human
being to come with a disclaimer?

American Life League’s Judie Brown Compares Wendy Norris to Barack Obama

To American
Life League founder Judie Brown
, both Rewire contributor Wendy Norris and President-Elect Obama suffer from the same delusion about the true nature of fertilized eggs.  In a column on RenewAmerica, Brown writes,

Norris, like Obama, has the strange perspective that when pro-life
America speaks of personhood, we are attempting to assign human dignity
to a "fertilized egg." Norris is in denial, and she chooses to avoid
being honest enough to tell her readers that the human being whose life
begins at the union of sperm and egg is immediately a human being. By
using the term "fertilized egg," Norris attempts to dehumanize the
baby, thus giving her the opportunity to deny that scientific fact has
anything whatsoever to do with the personhood of individual human

Let’s review the question of personhood and fertilization, shall we, with our handy Reality Check video!

Rewire: Does Personhood Start At Fertilization? from Rewire on Vimeo.