VIDEO: McCain Discusses Roe on The View, Audience Groans

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VIDEO: McCain Discusses Roe on The View, Audience Groans

Scott Swenson

John McCain discusses Roe v. Wade and Supreme Court appointments with the women of The View, and the groans of their audience.

Sen. John McCain sat down with the women of The View today and answered questions about Roe v. Wade. When he said, "I think it was a bad decision" you can hear the audience groan in the background. When discussing his view of appointing justices to the Supreme Court that would strictly interpret the Constitution as it was written, Whoopi Goldberg interjects, "Should I be worried about being a slave again?"

She asked the question more directly again later in the segment, but it does not show up in this clip. McCain said he understood her point and that it was "excellent."

Yes, it was, because even Thomas Jefferson and many other founders never envisioned a Constitution that would not change.

Thomas Hartmann, reviewing Justice Stephen Breyer’s book Active Liberty said,

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Jefferson even went so far as to suggest that the Constitution should
be regularly revisited, and expressed his concern that if it were not,
and society were rigidly maintained as it were in 1787 when the Constitution
was written, society would crumble; an oligarchy of, by, and for "the
rich" would arise and increase the public debt for their own enrichment;
the middle class would be destroyed; and Americans would become mere "automatons
of misery."



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