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Youth at the RNC

Kay Steiger

With all the focus on youth in this election, where are they at the RNC?

This New York Times article
on the potential impact of the youth vote was, well, fluffy. It winded
up not really saying anything, but I thought this nugget was

Members under 35 made up 16 percent of the delegates — a
record for the party’s national convention, according to the Youth
Council of the Democratic National Committee. The Republican National
Committee was not able to provide an estimate of the number of young
delegates who will gather in St. Paul beginning Monday for that party’s


It will be interesting to see how the Republicans incorporate their
younger delegates and activists. At the DNC there was a separate "youth
caucus" and other youth-oriented panels and events. I haven’t seen a
complete schedule yet, but there hasn’t been a push for lots of
separate youth meetings. On the other hand, maybe this means that youth
are integrated more with other higher-level individuals. We’ll keep an
eye out this week.

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