Your Chance to Grill the Candidates!

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Your Chance to Grill the Candidates!

Journey M

The CNN/YouTube Republican debates are coming up on November 28, and this is your chance to prove to the candidates how much reproductive rights issues matter to voters across the country.

I've always said that if you don't know your rights, you won't know when you're being denied them. If you're reading Rewire, you probably have a general idea of what your rights are. But it's equally important to be aware if your rights are currently secure, or if they're in danger of being at risk in the future.

The CNN/YouTube Republican Debate is coming up on November 28, and I can't encourage everyone enough to submit a question to the candidates.

These men are running for president, and theoretically, any of them could win. Any one of them could become the next leader of the country. Any one of them could make decisions about your reproductive rights or veto measures on reproductive issues. Even if you are not voting for a Republican candidate, you can wield a certain power just by asking a question. The question you ask, if selected to air, may be one they don't want to answer because they know people won't like it. The question you ask, if selected, may be the one that makes someone sitting on the fence realize that particular candidate is not someone they want to vote for.

The CNN/YouTube Republican Debates take the power of questioning from reporters and others into the hands of the voters — into your hands.
So submit a question that you've been dying for the candidates to
answer, before the deadline of November 25!

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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What are the candidates' plans for appropriately funding HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts? Will they overturn the "global gag rule" and reinstate funding for health clinics in Latin America, Asia and Africa that provide crucial health services? Should crisis pregnancy centers be federally funded even when run – as most are – by faith-based agencies? If anti-choice, will they ensure that contraception is accessible to all women or are they in opposition to birth control as well? What's your question?

Once you've submitted your question, send an email with the link to Brady Swenson at [email protected] to let Rewire know you've done your part!

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