Press Release: An Update on Changes at Rewire.News


Rewire.News was founded to provide in-depth reporting on reproductive and sexual justice. In the current political environment, evidence-based journalism on these issues is more important than ever. Our staff and reporters are the best of the best, and do what journalism is supposed to do: inform citizens and speak truth to power.

Unfortunately, as previously reported, funding challenges have required Rewire.News to downsize to ensure the future sustainability of this award-winning nonprofit publication.

On August 6, we reached a formal agreement with the Rewire.News union to provide the best possible severance packages our organization can afford for staff being laid off in this transition. We are thankful that our funding has allowed us to provide four months’ notice, two weeks of pay per year of service, medical coverage, and release of claims on articles Rewire.News will not publish.

We have the deepest respect for everyone on our staff. Our departing team members would be an amazing addition to any newsroom or publication that hires them.

Though we are in the midst of a tough chapter, Rewire.News remains committed to our mission. Our remaining team will continue to work tirelessly every day to produce high quality, evidence-based journalism on reproductive and sexual justice.

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