Press Release: Religion Dispatches joins Rewire.News as integrated daily vertical 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE |  October 9, 2018

Rewire.News is excited to announce the integration of Religion Dispatches as a daily vertical. Rewire.News is the leading online publication devoted to evidence-based reporting on reproductive and sexual justice.

Religion Dispatches was initially conceived in 2007 in response to the largely uncritical coverage of religion during the George W. Bush era. Over the past decade, RD’s award-winning blend of scholarship and journalism has revealed the ways that religious thoughtinfluences our culture and all too often provides a “moral” veneer to the structures that perpetuate inequality and injustice. At the same time, RD provides a platform for the perspectives of those who are marginalized on the basis of race, gender identity, sexual-orientation, and religious affiliation. In a media landscape where journalism on religion is most often sectarian, RD provides a secular and independent source on a wide range of issues, events, and figures: from the religious origins of “fake news,” to the wide-ranging spirituality of Beyoncé’s “Lemonade,” to the followers of a preacher whose apocalypse failed to arrive.

“At a time when the executive editor of the New York Times maintains that ‘New York-based and Washington-based media powerhouses don’t quite get religion,’ RD writers continue to both get it and to bring it to readers every day,” said Evan Derkacz, Editor of Religion Dispatches. “We’re proud to announce that after more than a decade of publishing, we will be joining Rewire.News,where we will maintain our commitment to publishing expert analysis on the most important news and thought on religion.”

Rewire.Newsis thrilled to welcome the integration of Religion Dispatches with our broader work, and the unique voices it brings to journalism. Religion plays an enormous role in today’s most urgent political and cultural issues, and in determining who has access to health care, voting rights, and a voice in society. When we talk about speaking truth to power, we must also speak truth to religious influence for good or ill,” saidJodi Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief of Rewire.News. “By integrating Religion Dispatches, we will expand our coverage of critical debates across the country.”

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