What’s Missing from Democratic Exit Polls?

By including questions about abortion on Republican exit polls, but not Democratic ones, pollsters guarantee the media pays attention to how conservative, anti-choice voters feel about the issue, while overlooking the majority of Americans' support for broad access to abortion and contraception.

States Take Action: HPV Vaccine, Funding CPCs

In the third quarter, only Virginia's state legislature mandated HPV vaccination for students, while other state legislatures specifically banned a mandate. Other state legislatures expanded eligibility for Medicaid family planning services, and some expanded funding for "crisis pregnancy centers."

Obama in Iowa On Abortion and Ab-Only

Barack Obama wants to reduce unintended pregnancies and provide comprehensive sex-ed to young people - and he doesn't think running a dog-fighting ring is equivalent to accessing abortion!

How Much Jail Time?

If abortion is criminalized, what should the punishment be for women who have one? Anna Quindlen examines abortion opponents' refusal to confront the logical endpoint of criminalization.