Take Action: Counter The Abstinence-Only Lobby

The National Abstinence Education Association is lobbying Congress today - despite the colossal failures of abstinence only programs. Send a letter to your Congress person asking them to defund abstinence only programs.

Roundup: He Will Repeal the Global Gag Rule, Right?

President Obama is still going to repeal the global gag rule, right?; More on Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand's record; anti-choice members of Congress speak on Roe anniversary; "thousands" gather at March for Life; abortion can be a moral choice; anti-choice movement down but not out.

Celebrating the Paradox of Roe v. Wade

I am pro-choice and pro-life when it comes to abortion because while I believe in the right to choose, I don't think I would have an abortion. But I have the luxury of this hypothetical exercise because of a decision the Supreme Court made 36 years ago.