Roundup: Church and Politics, Future of Supreme Court

Wading into the brackish waters of church and politcs; Election important to future of Supreme Court; Closer look at the 'rape exception' in South Dakota abortion ban; Services fall short for rape victims; Editorial boasts benefits of family planning; Nobel Prize for Medicine awarded to discoverers of HIV and HPV; and more.

LA Times On The ‘Crying Wolf’ of Roe vs. Wade

With four of the nine Supreme Court justices supporting the Roe vs. Wade decision, and at least one of those, Justice John Paul Stevens, likely nearing retirement (he is 88 years old), this presidential election may hold the fate of Roe v. Wade in its hands.

Roundup: Older Children Abandoned Under Law for Babies

In Nebraska older children abandoned under law for babies; Palin and Biden agree on gay rights at debate; McCain administration would be a setback for women; Bush puts popular California family planning program at risk; Complaints filed against Bloomberg for pregnancy bias; EU to offer 18 weeks of maternity leave; and more.

GOP Ticket Firm on Abstinence-Only, Reproductive Rights

Unless John McCain and Sarah Palin make a point of discussing specific policies that support young people's access to sexual health education, contraception for low income Americans, health care access for needy children and more - they are not "mixed" on reproductive health care and rights issues.