Will the Supreme Court Help West Virginia Bully Trans Kids?

And a special podcast announcement.

UPDATE, April 6: The Supreme Court rejected West Virginia’s attempt to enforce the “Save Women’s Sports Act.” Becky Pepper-Jackson can remain on her middle school track team.

A 12-year-old trans kid wants to run on her school’s cross-country and track teams, but the state of West Virginia doesn’t want to allow it. This anti-trans case, West Virginia v. BPJ, is on emergency application at the Supreme Court, which means—the shadow docket. Ugh.

In a new episode of Boom! Lawyered, Jess and Imani discuss how the conservative movement is taking draconian measures on a made-up cultural war surrounding trans kids in sports.

Be sure to stay til the end of the episode for a special Boom! Lawyered announcement.


Correction: This podcast misstates the last name of the 12-year-old at the center of West Virginia v. BPJ. Her name is Becky Pepper-Jackson. (We’re sorry, Ms. Pepper-Jackson.)

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