8 Holiday Gift Ideas to Thank the Abortion Activist in Your Life

From an abortion nameplate necklace to the BMW of vibrators, our gift guide will help you show your appreciation for the abortion lovers in your life.

Graphic illustration of a box wrapped in white paper and gold bow, above it says holiday gift guide 2021
It's been a devastating year for abortion rights this year, so why not show some extra love to the providers, advocates, and activists this holiday season. Rewire News Group illustration

‘Tis the season to spread some cheer, and there are few people who need more cheering up than abortion providers and advocates this year. Not only did they continue to provide care and fight for access during an ongoing pandemic, they did so in the wake of the most virulent attacks at the state and federal level in decades.

So what better way to show you appreciate the abortion lovers in your life than with the right gift this holiday season? Something to help them unwind at the end of a long day, something to bring a little levity to their life, or something to help them take care of themselves when so much of their lives revolve around taking care of others.

As Rewire News Group’s resident shopaholic, I put together a list of gifts sure to bring comfort to the abortion providers and activists you love.

Donate to an indie clinic in their name

For the abortion provider, advocate, or activist who has everything—or as a companion to any gift on this list—make a donation to an independent abortion clinic in their name. It’s easy! Independent clinics are the backbone of abortion care in the country, providing the majority of all abortions, especially those that happen later in pregnancy. And while calls to donate to larger, national organizations are everywhere, indies are often left out of the conversation. Donating to an indie is a surefire way to know that your money is going directly to providing abortion care.

Abortion artwork for any room

Liberal Jane creates queer feminist art for bodily autonomy, including beautiful digital download prints that say “Abortion is a human right” and “Funding abortion is an act of radical empathy.” The shop also has a range of other products like stickers, bumper stickers, and tote bags that pair perfectly with a print for a nice bundle of gifts.

Accessories for abortion

Shout Your Abortion and the National Network of Abortion Funds have you covered when it comes to wearing your love for abortion with pride. After all, no outfit is complete without accessories.

You can’t go wrong with rhinestone hairpins that say FUND ABORTION from the NNAF shop, where you can even pick out items to benefit specific states—so if you know someone from, say, Texas, you can buy them a gift and give back to their home state’s abortion fund. (There’s also a great selection on sale, like sticker packs, a beach towel, and even a tacos-and-beer care package.)

Shout Your Abortion has a truly iconic selection of jewelery and accessories as well, including Mife/Miso earrings and necklaces, an ABORTION PILLS baseball cap, and my personal favorite piece of jewelry in the entire world: this abortion nameplate necklace, with proceeds going to the rad work SYA is doing.

New books about abortion

If the abortion lover in your life is a parent, or you know a future abortion activist, My Mom Had an Abortion and Maybe a Baby are two perfect gifts. They’re written by mother-daughter duo Shawna and Beezus Murphy. They offer a beautiful, nuanced, and accessible portrayal of abortion care from the perspective of a mother sharing her story with her daughters, and a daughter hearing that story from her mom.

By introducing children and young people to abortion at an early age, books like Maybe a Baby and My Mom Had an Abortion remove the shame and stigma from conversations about abortion and miscarriage and help a new generation understand that pregnancy can mean a lot of things—including, maybe, a baby.

CBD capsules and lotion for relaxation

Lord Jones is my go-to CBD brand. I use their balm for topical pain relief and their capsules for just about everything: anxiety, pain, nausea. Pop two in your mouth as needed or take them daily like a vitamin. The balm works wonders on your back or on your feet for long days spent standing, and the capsules are perfect for when you need to unwind but don’t want the full effects of THC.

A self-care subscription

As someone who’s worked in the abortion space for roughly a decade now, few things have been there for me through the long nights and the dark news cycles the way TV has been—I’m a firm believer in always having a comfort show, or a show to turn on at the end of a long day that will temporarily take your mind off the state of the world. A Netflix gift card is truly the gift that will keep on giving year-round.

And if the abortion lover in your life is not a TV watcher, or if you think they’d prefer another way to unwind, you can consider giving them a subscription to a wine or coffee delivery service. If they have long commutes, you could give Libro.fm, a monthly audiobook membership that supports local bookstores.

Luxurious lip balm

I’m not one to complain about masking up—it saves lives and also gives me an excuse to buy another accessory. But after roughly five minutes in a mask, my lips are ready to fall off, so I cannot imagine what it’s like for health-care workers who have to mask for hours at work.

I spent roughly the first four months of the pandemic trying every single lip balm on the market, until I finally broke down and bought one by Chanel and it healed my lips overnight. It’s straight-up magic.

The BMW of vibrators

If the abortion provider or advocate in your life has a vagina, the Womanizer Premium is a must-have. The suction technology is German-designed (think: the BMW of vibrators) and simulates oral sex.

Because after a long day providing lifesaving and life-affirming abortion care, what’s better than coming home to some oral sex but without the hassle of wondering if your Bumble date saw unvaccinated family members over Thanksgiving?