You Might Not Think So, but You Need More Lube in Your Sex Life

Lube can make every single sex act better. So why is there so much stigma?

[PHOTO: Cassandra Corrado squeezing a bottle of lube into her hand]
There’s a myth that vaginas should always get wet when someone's aroused. But that’s not reality. YouTube

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If we told you there was a product that could increase your sexual pleasure and your sexual safety for less than ten bucks, what would you say? No, that’s not a rhetorical question. Luckily for you (for all of us, really), such a magic elixir really does exist, and it’s easy to find.

What’s this secret ingredient? Well, if you guessed lube, then (ding, ding!) you’re right. And though this isn’t a game show, we’ll tell you what you’ve won: better sex.

In the latest episode of You Deserve Good Sex, sex educator Cassandra Corrado busts some of the most common myths surrounding lube (for example, using it doesn’t indicate anything about you or your partner’s sexual prowess), breaks down the four basic categories of lubricant (and what you should consider when you’re shopping for it), and explains why using lube for every sex act (yep, every single one) makes sense.