Here We Go Again: Florida’s Charles Van Zant Back with Another All-Out Abortion Ban

If the Florida House is in session, it must mean Van Zant is ready with his "Florida for Life Act."

Last January, Florida Rep. Charles Van Zant’s “Florida for Life Act” didn’t make it to the floor for a vote, despite the overwhelming number of anti-choice members in the  legislature’s history. Now, after an election that has made it clear that people believe women’s reproductive rights aren’t up for a vote, Van Zant is bringing back his favorite annual proposal.

Yes, the “Florida for Life Act” is back and chocked full of abortion-banning goodies:

Abortion: Creates “Florida for Life Act”; provides legislative findings; prohibits induced abortions; prohibits operation of facility for purpose of providing abortion services; prohibits termination of pregnancy unless specified conditions are met; requires informed consent; provides exception; provides standard of care if fetus is viable; requires that fetal remains be disposed of according to specified standards; excludes specified procedures from application of requirements; repeals provisions relating to termination of pregnancies & abortion referral or counseling agencies; repeals Partial-Birth Abortion Act; requires statewide list of attorneys providing volunteer legal services for women with unwanted pregnancies who would have selected abortion, if lawful, rather than adoption; provides that all federal moneys received by state as result of efforts made by Office of Adoption & Child Protection be used for specified purposes; provides restrictions on use of state & federal funds for state exchanges that provide coverage for induced abortions & termination of pregnancies under certain conditions; provides certain provisions only take effect if other provisions are declared unconstitutional or had enforcement enjoined; provides that certain repeals & amendments in act may be void in other such circumstances.

There comes a time when you have to wonder what it will take to make a politician finally let go of a bill that is shot down year after year, regardless of how many abortion opponents are in the legislature.

Still, you have to give Van Zant credit for one small change. This year, he introduced his bill on the anniversary of Roe. Classy.