Colorado Senate Proposes “Gender-Based Abortions” Ban, While One Rep Wants to Just Ban Abortions

The anti-choice legislators must be bored with no "personhood" initiative to pass their time on.

Colorado Capitol building in Denver. (Fox News 31 Denver)

Hold on to your hats, Rockies! Colorado is ready to fight the scourge that is sex-selection abortion. Even if there isn’t really a scourge to begin with.

According to Fox News 31 in Denver, 11 of 15 Republicans in the Colorado senate have gotten together to sponsor a bill that will ban any abortion “undertaken for purposes of eliminating an unborn child of an undesired sex.”

The bill itself, like all of its predecessors, provides no indication of how it can be determined if a doctor or a person coercing the woman seeking such a termination is violating the law. However, it does begin by stating “WOMEN ARE A VITAL PART OF AMERICAN SOCIETY AND CULTURE AND POSSESS THE SAME FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHTS AND CIVIL RIGHTS AS MEN.”

If only legislatures would write some bills making that actually happen.

Also filed in the Colorado Senate is a proposal to ban entities that provide, refer for or even mention abortions from receiving any taxer funding. Over in the House, one representative has proposed going straight for an all out ban on all abortion.