Rep. Peter King Wants To Put Doctors Who Perform Abortions in Jail

In explaining why he opposes allowing pregnant rape victims to have abortions, the New York Congressman also said he'd be all for jailing doctors.

IBTimes/House Committee on Homeland Security Photo.

Worried that if anti-choice politicians had their way, you might end up in jail for procuring an abortion? Well, you can rest assured on one thing… at least for now, New York Representative Peter King only wants to throw doctors in jail.

Via Democracy Now:

AMY GOODMAN: So, should a woman who wants to have abortion be criminalized? Should she be charged with murder?

REP. PETER KING: No, it would be the doctor, not the woman.

AMY GOODMAN: The doctor?

REP. PETER KING: Absolutely, yeah.

AMY GOODMAN: So the doctor should be thrown in jail.

REP. PETER KING: Well, it should be a law. Again, each state can decide how they want to—you know, what sanctions they would be. But obviously, if you have a law and somebody violates it, there have to be penalties, whether it’s civil or whatever. Actually, I’ve got to go in a second.

AMY GOODMAN: Do you think Paul Ryan’s position, which you share, will help you realize that goal eventually in America?

REP. PETER KING: Well, obviously, you elect someone who you want to pursue your goal. But it’s certainly not going to happen in the next four years, that’s for sure.

King says it won’t happen anytime in the next four years, but if you look at Wisconsin, where doctors are afraid to offer medication abortions because they aren’t sure how to do so without being charged with a felony, we’re already there.