Mississippi Senate Chairman Uses Common Sense on Anti-Choice Vote

In a world where no bill seems to be too extreme to not get a vote, Chairman Hob Bryan actually considers whether the bill would ever actually be law.

The Mississippi House of Representatives had few qualms about passing a blatantly unconstitutional bill that would ban abortions from the point at which an embryonic or fetal heartbeat could be detected — as early as four weeks past conception in some cases.

As for the Senate, it may never even make it to a vote.  The Chairman of the committee, Democrat Hob Bryan, is actually considering not voting on a bill that has no hope of every being law.

Via the Washington Examiner:

“The restrictions we can place there are very closely regulated by the Roe v. Wade decision or decisions,” Bryan said. “So one of the things I’m looking at as I look at the bill is whether the bill has any chance of being upheld by the courts.”

“What we have not done is to pass bill after bill after bill that was obviously unconstitutional just so we could all get on record one more time as casting another vote realizing that what was going to happen was someone would file suit the next day and the legislation would never take effect,” Bryan said Monday.

Bryan may be taking a common sense approach, but that won’t stop the extreme anti-choice politicians backing the ban, who have said if the bill stalls they will try to piggy-back it onto other legislation.