Iowa Right To Life Wants to Camp Out in Your Uterus, But Not Disclose Their Political Contributions

The anti-abortion group argues that more rules on transparency will "chill" its ability to campaign for candidates.

Iowa Right to Life is unhappy with new campaign rules that will force it to disclose all of its political contributions.  So, despite a ruling requiring them to comply with the law, they are appealing. 

Via The Des Moines Register:

Iowa Right to Life has filed notice it will appeal a decision by U.S. District Judge Robert Pratt to uphold the law requiring outside groups to get approval from their boards for political spending and to disclose it to regulators and the public.

Iowa Right to Life argues the rules are too burdensome and could chill its ability to speak out in favor of candidates who share its opposition to abortion.

The big question is of course, what exactly is the group afraid of when it comes to disclosure?  It will be obvious which candidates they support based on their endorsements and campaign assistance.  Are they worried about showing how much they spend on the candidates they support, or more concerned that someone might see who is donating to the group itself?