Rockford Illinois Clinic Still Closed

It has now been months since the Northern Illinois clinic had its license suspended.

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When the city of Rockford suspended the license for the Northern Illinois Women’s Center, in September, the clinic made immediate moves to get their license reinstated.

Now, they are still fighting and likely will be until at least December.

Via ABC Chicago:

The state health department issued an emergency license suspension in September, fining the clinic $15,000. The department’s suspension notice said center doctors didn’t have surgery privileges at an Illinois licensed hospital and the center lacked an experienced operating room nurse.

The clinic believes the suspension was unwarranted. A teleconference in the case has been set for Nov. 28.

The clinic in question has already been an active site for protests, with an earlier fight over whether or not a mobile crisis pregnancy center could be parked on the street in front of it.  The city council denied the permit for the mobile center, but the mayor overturned the decision and granted it himself.