DeMint Wants To Defund “Robo-Skype Abortions”

Senate Republicans may not have a jobs bill, but they have another anti-choice bill on the way.

Convinced that the only thing that needs to be accomplished in Congress before the 2012 election is creating bill after bill revolving around Planned Parenthood, Republican Senator Jim DeMint has a new one in the wings — this time a bill to ensure that no federal tax dollars being used to facilitate the building of an infrastructure that would support “telemedicine” might be going into the hands of groups that provide abortions.

Basically a senate version of a House bill already passed as part of an agricultural amendment, DeMint believes that the move will further place rural women out of reach of any potential of obtaining a legal, safe abortion.

Via LifeNews:

During the debate in the House on the amendment, King said Republican lawmakers had learned from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that Planned Parenthood had been receiving taxpayer-funded grants to pay for webcam abortions.

“Smoe [sic] of us signed a letter – 70 of us – to Kathleen Sebelius and asked if they had distributed grants for telemedicine to any of the abortion providers including Planned Parenthood,” Rep. King said. “There [sic]  response came back in the affirmative that they had issued several grants to Planned Parenthood. And these funds, as near as we can determine, are being used to provide telemedicine for the robo-abrotions*, the robo-Skype abortions as I’ve described.”

I assume the next bill will cut off any potential road construction near Planned Parenthood clinics that might conceivably allow women “easier access” to the health centers, too.