Anti-Choice Take To Web To Reroute Abortion Info

Because they have to make access hard everywhere -- even on the internet.

Anti-abortion activists keep passing abortion restrictions like “women’s right to know” and mandatory ultrasounds under the guise that women need to have access to as much information as possible prior to an abortion.

So why is it that when a woman is using the internet to gather information on abortion providers, they are making it a goal to keep them from the very information they are seeking?

Via Think Progress:

In order to “intercept” “abortion-determined” women who try to find service providers online, the Texas-based group has made their deceptive ads some of the first hits women see when they use Google to search for “abortion” in certain cities. Several of the ads trick women by appearing to offer full-service medical counseling, but instead re-route them to “crisis pregnancy centers” that perform ultrasounds and try to scare women out of having abortions by telling them false or misleading information about the risks of the procedure.

Online for Life explains the strategy on its website under the heading “Rescuing pre-born babies from abortion using the Internet”:

The pro-life search result connects the frightened, uncertain Mom with a website that Online for Life maintains for a pro-life pregnancy resource center in her hometown…that connection leads to a phone call, then a visit, then a sonogram, and…

…when an abortion-minded woman sees her baby’s ten tiny fingers…ten tiny toes…and a beating heart…it is almost certain she will change her mind and choose life!

Anti-choice groups and news outlets are already crowing about Online for Life’s success confusing women and making finding abortion providers more difficult. Christian Newswire praises the site’s innovation, writing “The outreach literally breaks the stranglehold the lavishly financed abortion industry has on Internet search results.”

By “stranglehold” I assume they mean “results that show up because they are ACTUALLY ABOUT THE THING THE PERSON IS GOOGLING!”  But just as anti-abortion groups will tell women they are further along in their pregnancies than they are, or that abortions will give them cancer, or that condoms don’t prevent sexually transmitted infections, there’s the truth, and then there’s their truth.