Effort to Strip Title X Funding Fails

Although an amendment to remove Title X funding passed the House it failed in the senate.

An attempt by Republicans to end Title X funding, primarily as a means of cutting off funds to Planned Parenthood, failed to pass in the Senate after passing the House 241 to 185.

The Senate voted against the amendment 58 to 42, with Massachussets Senator Scott Brown, Maine Senator Susan Collins, Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, all Republicans, voting Nay.

Sarah Stoesz, CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota released the following statement after the vote:

“This vote is a major victory for women’s health and for the tens of thousands of women in our region who go to Planned Parenthood for health care.

“Hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country made their voices heard in support of Planned Parenthood and opposed this radical proposal by calling Congress, writing and e-mailing their elected officials, and attending rallies. The grassroots support for Planned Parenthood is widespread and stronger than ever. 

“This extreme proposal was rightly rejected by Democrats and Republicans. In addition, members of Congress who support abortion rights, as well as those who oppose abortion rights, voted against this proposal, which would have denied women family planning and would have resulted in an increase in unintended pregnancy. 

“Even though the House Republican leadership insisted on forcing an up or down vote in the House and Senate on this extreme proposal today, all their political maneuvering accomplished was to show that the House leadership is willing to sacrifice women’s health to advance a narrow ideological agenda.”