Roundup: Louisiana Gets on the Mandatory Ultrasound Bandwagon

Louisiana hops on the "mandatory ultrasounds for everyone, even rape victims!" bandwagon, and the U.K. launches its first commercial for abortion information.

Not to be outdone by the likes of Oklahoma and Florida, Louisiana is spending their legislative session passing a law to authorize mandatory ultrasounds before an abortion procedure as well.  And like Oklahoma, you have to have the ultrasound even if you are a victim of incest and rape.

From the Daily Comet:

A woman seeking an abortion should be required to get an ultrasound first, the Louisiana Senate agreed Tuesday, siding with backers of the proposal who say they hope the procedure could change a woman’s mind.
The ultrasound would have to be performed at least two hours before the abortion. There is no exception in the bill for victims of rape or incest.

Sen. Sharon Broome, D-Baton Rouge, sponsor of the proposal, said the ultrasounds would give women more information before they make such a “critical decision.”

Supporters were clear on their hopes that the ultrasound could dissuade someone from getting an abortion.

Sen. Gerald Long, R-Winnfield, described the bill as “quite personal. It deals with the very core of who we are as individuals. It deals with the values that we believe inherently that life is precious and it needs to be protected.”

The Senate voted 33-4 for the measure, sending it for debate in the House, where it is expected to pass.

The sponsor of the bill claims that this is a move to “empower” women, according to

Broome described her bill, which is backed by Christian conservative groups and was heavily reworked in the Senate Health & Welfare Committee, as an attempt to empower women by giving them more information before an abortion.

“I think women should have as much information as possible before they make a critical decision about having an abortion,” Broome said.

Meanwhile, Lifenews admits that the mandatory ultrasound push is really just an attempt at emotional manipulation:

The legislation also has the support of the Bioethics Defense Fund and BDF attorney Dorinda Bordlee drafted the legislation.

“Science tells us when life begins,” she told “The real question is when love begins. Ultrasound before abortion legislation is highly effective because of the unexpected love women experience when seeing the beauty of their unborn children.”

In a small victory, the legislation was rewritten to remove making it mandatory that the women have to view the ultrasound during the exam,  or have a doctor explain the details of the fetus and any organ or developmental achievements to her.

Mini Roundup: The first abortion services advertisment will soon run on Brittish television.  Anti-choice groups, who hate it when women receive information, are unsurprisingly asking for the ad to be banned.  And in Northern Ireland, they got what they wanted.  But are anti-choice advocates really trying to save the unborn, or just enjoying their power over women?

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