Progressive and–Say What? Prolife?

I am hardly the only person in America who identifies as a prolife progressive...

When I have participated in RHReality Check, some folks have mistaken me for a lone individual in my pro every life, pro every other choice views.  But I’m hardly the only one.


In fact, people like me have been around a long, long time.  Even when no one ever heard of us much.


For anyone who wants to learn more about prolife progressives and what *really* makes tick (hint, hint, it is not revulsion towards sexually fulfilled women)…..I highly recommend Jen Roth’s Primer on Prolife Pogressivism at:


Whether or not you find our views persuasive, there may be value in reading this article.  It is an opportunity to understand how we see ourselves, on our own terms.  And such understanding can only help to dismantle hostilities, and define areas of common concern and action.


If you are interested in common ground–why, here you go, why not have at it?