Save Family Planning, Save Public Health in WA State!

The King County Family Planning Advisory Board is worried about proposed WA state budget cuts, and want all WA residents to realize they should be too! Family Planning and Public Health must be removed from the chopping block!

The King County Family Planning Advisory Board is a group of concerned individuals hoping to keep Family Planning funded in WA state. In the tough economic times within which we find ourselves, it is hard not to seek ways to cut the spending, and within our State Legislature, the pressure is very great to do so. WA state faces a $9 billion deficit!

However, even as we make the necessary spending cuts, we are concerned that Public Health generally, and Family Planning particularly, maintain state funding. These programs are vitally important to the health of our community, and are simply the implementation of social justice and common fiscal sense.

We must recognize that Public Health Family Planning Progams in WA are serving the poorest and most discriminated against groups in our populations. Many patients seen in these clinics will have no other contact with medical professionals. Family Planning clinics provide referrals to STD/STI, domestic abuse, primary care, and healthy choices services besides providing for family planning and contraception. These clinics serve a vital niche that even national or other non-profit organizations simply don’t reach.

Further, investiment in Family Planning is sound fiscal policy. The return on investment is huge – Guttmacher reports that spending $1 on Family Planning prevents $4.02 in later prenatal costs. The federal government thinks these kinds of programs are so important that they match every $1 spent by state medicaid programs with $9 of federal tax money!

If you are a WA resident, it is important to act now and tell your representatives to Save Public Health and Save Family Planning. Below are some important sites to get more information and get involved. 

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Save Family Planning in Washington State!

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