An Outrageous Attempt by the Bush Administration to Undermine Women’s Rights

Senator Hillary Clinton is sounding the alarm and calling out President Bush and his administration for "quietly putting ideology before science and women's health."

The Bush
Administration is up to its old tricks again, quietly putting ideology before
science and women’s health. The U.S. Department of Health and Human
Services is poised to put in place new barriers to accessing common forms of
contraception like birth control pills, emergency contraception and IUDs by
labeling them "abortion." These proposed regulations set to be
released next week will allow healthcare providers to refuse to provide
contraception to women who need it. We can’t let them get away with this
underhanded move to undermine women’s health and that’s why I am sounding the

These rules
pose a serious threat to providers and uninsured and low-income Americans
seeking care. They could prevent providers of federally-funded family
planning services, like Medicaid and Title X, from guaranteeing their patients
access to the full range of comprehensive family planning services.
They’ll also build significant barriers to counseling, education, contraception
and preventive health services for those who need it most: low-income and
uninsured women and men.

The regulations
could even invalidate state laws that currently ensure access to contraception
for many Americans. In fact, they describe New York
and California’s
laws requiring prescription drug insurance plans to provide coverage for
contraceptives as part of "the problem." These rules would even
interfere with New York
State law that ensures
survivors of sexual assault and rape receive emergency contraception in
hospital emergency rooms.

We’ve seen this
kind of ideologically driven move from the Bush Administration before.
Senator Patty Murray and I went toe to toe with the Bush Administration to
demand a decision on Plan B by the FDA. We won that fight and we need to
win this one too.

When I learned
about these proposed rules, I immediately joined with Senator Murray to call on
the Bush Administration to stop these dangerous plans. I am joining with New York family planning
and healthcare advocates to spread the word. Now is the time to raise our
voices. I will continue to press HHS and I hope you will join me. I
have posted information on how to get involved at